A natural therapy that is reported to have several major benefits: it assists in the prevention of disease, it treats both the symptoms and the cause of disease, it offers a holistic approach that links body, mind and spirit, and it effectively treats many common ailments, as well as provide drug-free pain relief.


Moxa is a herb commonly known as mugwort (AiYe in Chinese), which has a unique warming / Yang quality. Moxibustion therapy is most often integrated into an acupuncture session.


Cupping disperses and moves Qi and Blood by exerting suction and pressure on the prescribed area and is used to assist in treating a myriad of conditions.

Shoni Shin

A gentle and effective needle‐free Japanese technique for children and the needle phobic. It is used successfully to treat a wide range of complaints, using acupressure points.

Shoni Shin can assist with symptoms such as coughs & colds, bedwetting, eczema & asthma, allergies & low immunity, digestive complaints & fussy eaters, sleeping problems, headaches,  growing pains, learning & behavioural difficulties, ADHD, ADD, reflux, colic and more.

Evidence Based Acupuncture: Clinical Research – Pediatrics

Facial Rejuvenation

Coreena is a leading Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncturist, with over 20 years experience in this field. Cosmetic Acupuncture or the ‘Acupuncture Facelift’, addresses the signs of ageing looking at both specific symptoms and the underlying cause of our individual ageing patterns. The treatment promotes and increases blood, lymph and Qi flow. The treatment involves no invasive surgery, and so has no recovery time. Acupuncture is a natural alternative to a facelift and the results can last up to 5 years.

Chinese Dietetics

Food as medicine – Food therapy includes the classification of foods according to the 4 major food groups, the 5 tastes and their natures (hot, cold, neutral, ascending, descending etc). This is applied or cooked according to one’s individual signs and symptoms so as one’s body (blood and energy) can work at optimum health. This qualified practitioner can demystify the realm of nutrition and help you eat your way to health and vitality.