Moxa and Cupping

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Moxa is a herbal plant commonly known as Mugwort, which has a unique warming properties for the body.   In order to activate these properties the Moxa herb is ignited and positioned at about one inch away from the surface of the skin, as to bring warmth to the desired acupuncture point.  The Moxa can be placed on the end of an Acupuncture needle, or in a ceramic box placed on a wooden stand usually on the stomach or lower back.  Moxibustion therapy can be integrated into an Acupuncture session.  Coreena utilises “smokeless” Moxa, to ensure a relaxing pleasant experience.

Cupping disperses and moves Qi and Blood in the body by exerting a very gentle suction and pressure on the prescribed area.  Cupping is a safe, non-invasive, and an effective technique, which Coreena uses to treat a myriad of conditions, like painful muscles, colds & flus, upper respiratory infections, and problems of the internal organs.  It has most recently been in the media, utilised by elite athletes and weekend warriors alike, and it is a very popular modality.  Coreena uses a “Fire Cupping” method, using traditional glass cups and creating a gently suction via the use of a flame.

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