Most people would agree that inner peace is an essential part of living a health lifestyle. Just as nature thrives when it is in balance, so does our body, mind and spirit. Many factors contribute to the balance of health including the management of diet, time, relaxation, recreation, personal relationships and so on. Oriental Medicine provides effective treatment and invaluable guidance for reaching your individual health objectives. Read More»

Oriental Healing

Oriental Healing is a holistic approach to health and healing used successfully for almost 5000 years, Oriental healing incorporates physical, mental, spiritual and emotional experiences with the external influences of our environment. Oriental Healing assists in the prevention of premature aging and disease; Treats the root cause as well as the symptoms; Is safe, effective and pain free; Increases vitality and energy & Promotes calmness and contentment. Oriental Healing»

Your Session

In your initial consultation expect an extensive questionaire which helps to narrow down signs and symptoms you are presenting with and gain and understanding of your medical history. Diagnostic tools such as pulse and tongue diagnosis are used to further understand your body. Coreena then discusses with you her findings and proposed treatment plan and the relaxing treatments begin. Please leave up to 1 1/2 hours for your initial consult and treatment. Book now»